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Primary Color - #57b33e

Secondary color - #ff7029

Body color- #484848





Heading 1

H1 - 65PX / 75px - Manrope

Heading 2

H2 - 50PX /62px - Manrope  

Heading 3

H3 - 36PX / 48 -  Manrope

Heading 4

H4 - 28PX / 36 -  Manrope


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Paragraphs - 15PX/ 30px - Roboto


Text Black

Here is a caption to add on an element.

Caption- 15px/ 30px - Roboto

Here is a label to add to your forms as needed.

Lable - 15PX/ 30px - Roboto

Small text that you'll have on the page maybe for a small description.

Small - 15PX/ 30px - Roboto
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UnOrdered List Item- 15PX/ 30px - Roboto
Text Link
Link Text - 15PX/ 30px - Roboto
Text White


Max-Width - 1200px

Section Title

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Block Quote

Wind can greatly affect climate change, so from basic predictions to complex climate wind is an integral part of  the global environment works and evolves in the future.
Block Quote Text - 22px/ 33px - Manrope



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